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Who & What

Web Design

Name: Sarah Fisher

Job Description: Web Designer

Company: Fisher Simons Web Design

Website: www.fishersimons.co.uk

Biog: Sarah spent years on the corporate treadmill in Sales and Marketing roles.   In 2003 she left the security of a real job with an impressive title, to retrain in the technical and creative skills required to design and build bespoke, attractive and successful websites. Since that time she has created a varied portfolio of websites for SME's and large organisations, including ecommerce sites, application sites and simple brochure sites.  She absolutely loves the creativity and variety of her job, and the relationships she develops with her customers and colleagues. She also loves working from home and not wearing suits anymore.

Other Skills & Interests (some more proficient than others): Dog walking, chocolate eating, tap dancing, cooking, trying not to rant about the state of the world, and playing the harpsichord (not all at the same time)

07866 265955

Video Production

Name: Ben Brearley and Kathryn Ross

Job Description: Video Production

Company:Black Chilli Video

Website: www.blackchillivideo.com

Biog:Ben and Kathryn help businesses sell more by creating corporate, promotional and social media video with a difference. With over 20 years experience in corporate sales they bring that experience to all the videos they shoot. They believe that your website and social media are your shop window and should be dressed with something that not only looks great but works for you. Videography has been Ben’s passion for over 10 years, his attention to detail and ability to translate a client’s brief into a captivating and engaging video is why their clients remain loyal and highly recommend them. 

Other Skills & Interests: Wrestling custard creams out of the fists of their sons and often the mouths of their two dogs, polishing off a pipe of pringles in one sitting, adding gravy to every meal, teaching their sons that it is a bath and not a barth and educating Southerners on how to make a decent brew.

07763 699885

Graphic Design

Name: Garry Smith

Job Description: Grapic Designer

Company:Flamin Ape

Website: www.flaminape.com

Biog:Garry is a very seasoned designer with thirty years knowledge and experience in the B2B arena and surprisingly still has plenty of ideas kicking around inside his silver-topped head. He was a Partner in a London design agency for fourteen years and has worked with a varied pool of clients; the Financial Conduct Authority, Comic Relief, The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, British Telecom and lots of other big-wig names as well as plenty of SMEs. Creating a brand from scratch is very high on his list of passionate things Garry loves to do in his work and getting it right is an absolute must.

Other Skills & Interests: Breathing, time-travel (one second at a time), collecting watches and sometimes watching collectors, lino-cut printing and keeping a cool head knowing there is complete chaos going on inside of it.

07971 476741

Marketing & Copywriting

Name: Rachel Agnew

Job Description:Marketing Consultant and Copywriter

Company:Rachel Agnew

Website: www.rachelagnew.co.uk

Biog:Rachel has over 25 years experience of marketing artists, brands and products. She loves to work closely with clients to ascertain their target markets and advise on how best to reach and communicate with them. Rachel went freelance 12 years ago and she loves the wide variety of clients that being a consultant enables. She has recently enjoyed working on campaigns as diverse as marketing a 40 date Lulu tour, project managing a new accountancy website and writing marketing copy for a medical aesthetics practitioner! So whatever your marketing or copywriting needs, Rachel will bring experience, energy and enthusiasm to your project.

Other Skills & Interests: Excellent at eating cheese, opening bottles of prosecco, randomly doing the splits, being dragged around the park by her idiot dog and enjoying her unusual obsession with Morris dancing.

07721 612911


Name: Tim Rose

Job Description:Photographer

Company:Tim Rose Photography

Website: www.timrosephotography.co.uk

Biog:Tim has a lifetime of creative photography experience (not weddings). He started out as Assistant Photographer to three professional studio photographers, progressing to Junior Photographer and then to leading an in-house photographic department for a prestigious packaging design studio. Tim Rose Photography started ten years ago and work has been very varied, from high-profile telecom corporations to supermarkets to start-up ventures.

Other Skills & Interests: Two-wheel adventures, both cycling and motorcycling; five-a-side football with the Cookham Wanderers - 22 years playing and 22 brilliant tours; dog-walking my red setter, Ember.

07976 302485

Social Media

Name: Rebecca Danner

Job Description: Social Media Manager

Company: Rebecca Danner

Biog:As a champion of social media, Rebecca has been working with clients and agencies for over ten years, creating engaging content and implementing successful social media campaigns. Before she immersed herself in the world of social she worked at The Guardian, IPC Media and Viacom in sponsorship and creative solutions roles. However, the lure of being a freelancer was too strong and she gave up the corporate media world in order to work flexibly….two kids also had something to do with it.

Other Skills & Interests: Likes to read, Follows the launch of any new gin brand, Shares many a good story, Messages all her friends (as often as she can), (tries) to Influence her children and generally gives a good thumbs up, love heart and crying with laughter face whenever she can.

07711 081181


Name: Sophie Hillyer

Job Description: Voiceover Artist

Company:Sophie Hillyer Voiceovers


Biog: With a background in Broadcast Journalism, Sophie moved into the voiceover world in 2017 after 15 rewarding years working in the corporate world. Using her voice in corporate films and animation, product explainers and telephony systems, Sophie sells, informs and educates. Her clients from all over the world range from small internet start ups to multi national companies like PepsiCo and Danone. Sophie loves the creative process of taking client’s scripts and bringing them to life in voiceover form and it is her rich, warm and engaging voice and authoritative delivery that makes her work so successful.

Other Skills & Interests: All-round choral singing, cricket-mad, tennis-playing PTA die hard.

07757 906145